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As a team, we embrace the dynamic challenges of the creative landscape, constantly pushing boundaries, and exploring new horizons to deliver innovative solutions that captivate audiences worldwide.
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What industries and types of companies do you work with?
At Shafran Agency® (formerly BGMA), we have deep and diverse experience spanning numerous industries, from fashion to SaaS hospitality systems. Over the past five years, our portfolio has grown to include hundreds of clients, ranging from startups to large corporations.
Our current focus is primarily on fast-growing B2B and B2C companies that aren't just participants in their respective industries but are actively shaping the future. We thrive in this space, collaborating with these forward-thinking companies to create compelling brands that resonate with their target audience and drive growth. clients, ranging from startups to large corporations.
Since 2018, we have enthusiastically embraced digital challenges in a wide range of areas, including food and beverages, fashion, law, music, e-commerce, and the luxury segment. This extensive experience ensures that we bring a wealth of knowledge, insight, and creative problem-solving strategies to every project.
What defines an ideal client for Shafran?
An ideal client for Shafran® is one who aligns with our core values and strategic methodology. They:
  • Asking for clarity, help, and input
  • Engaging in constructive debate of ideas
  • Praising others for their contributions.
  • Stepping in when you see the team needs help orsupport.
  • Working shoulder to shoulder to complete the mission.ns.
  • Listening to understand.
  • Experimenting, accepting failure, and trying again.
  • Spending time doing not talking about doing.
  • Ruthlessly quality-checking your own work.
How many team members will collaborate on my project on average?
On average, you can expect to work with a team of 6-9 experienced professionals on your project. Typically, the team will comprise the following roles:
  • Account Manager
  • Digital Strategists
  • Copywriter
  • Creative Director
  • Senior Designer
  • Web UI/UX Designer
  • Front-End Developer
  • Motion Designer
  • Content Producers
How long does a project with Shafran® normally take?
A comprehensive digital project takes at least 3-4 months. A fast-track startup project takes at least 4 weeks.
Is Shafran® open to collaborating with startups?
Absolutely. We partner with venture-funded startups that are committed to investing in essential brand development. The majority of these startups fall into the Series A, B, or C funding stages. In some instances, we initiate our collaboration even before a substantial funding round, helping prepare the brand for successful investment opportunities.
Is it possible to engage Shafran® solely for strategic or research projects?
Certainly. Strategy and research are areas where we excel, and we are more than willing to take the lead on strategic initiatives without being involved in the creative execution.
How can I be sure you have experience in my specific industry?
It's natural to be curious about our expertise in your particular industry. While having a niche focus was crucial in our early years, our work has expanded to encompass a wide range of sectors. This includes cutting-edge fields such as e-sports, fintech, security, AI, financial trading, cryptocurrency, blockchain, agricultural technology, and regenerative farming, as well as more traditional sectors like architecture, coffee, chocolate, technology, entertainment, food, and wine.

Our expertise has evolved to become centered around pattern recognition. After years of tackling diverse industry challenges, we have gained valuable experience in recognizing patterns and applying our insights to new situations, regardless of the industry. We are confident in our ability to analyze the unique challenges within your category and address them effectively, drawing upon our extensive history of problem-solving across various industries.
Can we sign NDAs before our initial discussion?
We completely recognize the importance of confidentiality, particularly when delving into potentially sensitive business concepts and strategies. However, given our extensive interactions with numerous businesses and the multitude of ideas we encounter each year, we find it more efficient and straightforward not to enter into a formal NDA agreement before our initial meeting. We believe it's essential to establish a connection and determine if there's a strong fit for collaboration.During our preliminary discussions, you are not obligated to reveal any proprietary secrets or "secret sauce." We've noticed that many NDAs often lack clarity regarding the specifics they cover, which can lead to complications. Our primary goal is to have a productive conversation about your business and its requirements, focusing on the aspects you are comfortable sharing. If we discover that there is mutual alignment and choose to proceed, we can then address any necessary contractual matters, including NDAs, at a later stage.
What prerequisites do you have for commencing a project?
To initiate a project, we necessitate the following:
  • A signed proposal.
  • A signed service agreement (for clients within the European Union, Israel, or Georgia).
  • An upfront deposit to initiate the work.
What if I'm not satisfied with the work you deliver?
We make every effort to avoid such situations by closely aligning our creative process with your strategic goals and fostering collaboration throughout. Right from the start, we consider ourselves an extension of your team, aiming to maintain this partnership. If, however, you find that our work doesn't meet your expectations, we encourage open communication to identify the reasons for the disconnect. Armed with your feedback, a shared understanding, and clear objectives, we'll provide our professional insights on resolving the issue and then proceed to implement the necessary adjustments.
How will your team get acquainted with our company?
At Shafran®, we engage in a comprehensive immersion process to acquire a profound knowledge of your business. We are attentive listeners and employ various discovery methods:
  • Employee surveys
  • Interviews with leadership
  • In-depth desk research (including competitive, visual, and landscape audits)
  • Conducting guided strategic workshops
What is the structure of your billing and payment schedules?
In the case of a fixed-budget project, we typically start with an initial payment of 50% of the budget, followed by dividing the remaining balance into equal monthly installments for billing.
What payment models do you use in the company?
In each case, we look for an option that best suits the situation and the specific client. In principle, we work on fixed payment models, digital subscriptions, and "time and materials."
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